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Giants designate Juan Gutierrez, add four to 40-man roster

Ray Black, Derek Law, Joan Gregorio, and Cody Hall were added to the 40-man roster, preventing their loss in the Rule 5 draft.

Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images

The Giants announced their roster moves in preparation for the Rule 5 draft in two weeks, adding a trio of minor league relievers and one starter to the 40-man roster. Relievers Ray Black, Derek Law, and Cody Hall were added to the roster, along with starter Joan Gregorio. Juan Gutierrez, who was eligible for arbitration, was designated for assignment.

Juan Gutierrez was pitching meaningful innings at some point. It's true. He was a surprise addition to the 2014 roster after a solid spring, and he looked like he might be an acceptable bridge to the seventh-inning relievers. When he fell, though, he fell quickly, and the Giants opted not to put him on any of the postseason rosters.

Ray Black throws approximately a billion miles per hour, as Conner Penfold wrote here. He was drafted in 2011, but didn't get to pitch professionally until this last season, when he struck out 18 batters for every nine innings he pitched. Which is absurd. He also walked four batters per nine innings, so he's raw, but teams would have pounced on a 100-mph arm in the Rule 5 draft, even if he he has 35⅓ innings in his professional career.

Cody Hall was a 19th-round pick in 2011, and he had his worst season statistically in 2014 since being drafted. Of course, his worst season still meant that he struck out 10 batters per nine innings and pitched well in Double-A. Hall will be 27 next season, so he isn't exactly a prospect, but he has an excellent chance of making at least a cameo appearance next season.

Derek Law was the closer of the future before his elbow blew up on him, requiring Tommy John surgery. He isn't expected back until the middle of next season, at the earliest, but the grabbier teams would have been jerks and stashed him on the DL after poaching him in the Rule 5 draft. The 24-year-old had an absurd 45/1 strikeout-to-walk ratio in San Jose in 2013 before being uncharacteristically wild in Double-A at the start of this year, he underwent surgery in June.

Joan Gregorio is tall and has a funky sinker, so he sticks around. The 22-year-old didn't pitch pitch above A-ball this year, but he's allowed just .4 homers for every nine innings pitched -- 18 total in his 361-inning career. He's shown solid command along the way. Also, my friend once wrote a catchy song titled "Rodeo in San Gregorio," and the stupid thing gets stuck in my head every time I hear Joan Gregorio's name. So I'll hold that against him forever.

Best of luck to Juan Gutierrez, World Series champeen and future owner of a shiny ring, and congratulations to the four folks who are just a bit closer to the majors now.