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Pablo Sandoval rumors: Bobby Evans talks Panda, Yasmany Tomas, and Yoan Moncada

Yoan Moncada don't want none unless you've got buns, and the ability to blow past the international spending limits and pay him a substantial amount of money, hon.

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Giants assistant GM Bobby Evans was on KNBR, and one of the big stories from the interview was that he confirmed that the Giants are still very involved in the Pablo Sandoval sweepstakes, saying "We're well in this thing." If you don't think it's a big story, well, then explain how it's on THE BIG STORY over at the AP. You can't. It's a total big story.

I guess it's what we figured out yesterday.

Maybe it isn't that big of a story.

But focusing on Pablo misses a bunch of other tidbits of interest. Evans also commented on Yasmany Tomas, 19-year-old Cuban sensation Yoan Moncada, Sergio Romo, Pablo Sandoval, and Pablo Sandoval. Some of the notes:

  • Budget isn't necessarily the primary issue with Tomas. The bigger concern is how the Giants build their roster -- code for something like "we have to make sure that's the best left fielder for us, especially at that price," I'd guess. If you care, I'm skeptical about Tomas, especially about his plate discipline.

  • Evans says the Giants are "engaged in discussions" with Tomas and his people.

  • If the Giants are interested in Tomas, it's as an outfielder, with Evans saying they "wouldn't want to project him, at the major league level, at third base."

  • Responding specifically about Moncada, Evans explained why the 19-year-old would be a different kind of budget hit than Tomas. Moncada is subject to the international spending limits, which means that the Giants would have to pay the equivalent how much they exceed the limits back to MLB as a tax, and they would have no ability to spend in next year's international free-agent pool.

  • Evans specifically mentioned Sergio Romo as someone they're still interested in, even though his name isn't coming up a lot in the Pablo Sandoval Hot Stove League presented by Pablo Sandoval.

  • There are shorter-term, more advantageous contracts to be had in trades, but teams are more apt to ask for major league ready talent in return. I'd guess that means Andrew Susac and Joe Panik, neither of whom are untouchable, I'd gather, but both of them are likely to be big parts of next year's roster.

  • Evans didn't confirm that the 2014 Giants won the World Series, but he did not deny that claim when the hosts brought it up.

  • Sandoval should sign before Thanksgiving, with every indication being that he wants this all over quickly.

The Giants also came up in Baseball America's "Top Teams for Yasmany Tomas" article on Thursday, and they also were one of the eight teams in their "Top Teams for Yoan Moncada" article on Wednesday, hinting that the Giants will already have one of the lowest bonus pools in baseball next year because of that pesky World Series, so they might as well blow it on a top prospect before 2014 runs out. I say go for it! Also, it's not my money.

Evans didn't want to detail the exact offer the Giants have out there for Sandoval -- for obvious, strategic reasons -- but the story is that Sandoval and the Giants are still hot, still heavy, despite yesterday's report that they had unfriended each other on Facebook. There's still a chance, everyone! It might even be a good chance.