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Giants still talking to Pablo Sandoval, this headline is a lie

The above headline is true.

Peter G. Aiken-USA TODAY Sports

Look, I'm new to this. I decided to cover as many rumors as I can this offseason because a) I saw other sites have great success with them and b) I just stopped bloviating every day. There was seven straight months of bloviation. For that I am sorry. This is another post about Pablo Sandoval and free agency. For that, I'm really, really sorry.

But if there's going to be a story on the Red Sox being 90-percent favorites to land Pablo Sandoval (with the Blue Jays making up the remaining 10 percent) on the site, there should probably be a post about how that first story appears to be iffy. Since the CBS report came out about Sandoval deciding between two non-Giants teams, there hasn't been a single confirmation from another outlet. If anything, people have gone out of their way to write exactly the opposite. First, Henry Schulman, who might have a couple sources in the Giants' front office, twote this:

Jon Heyman was busy writing this article just as Dennis O'Donnell's report was circulating:

The plan seems to be to go back, offers in hand, to the Giants, where the beloved Sandoval has won three rings, to see where they stand. But that doesn't necessarily make San Francisco an overwhelming favorite, not when there are at least five interested teams and a belief among some that like most free agents the offers ultimately will be the vital factor here.

Sean McAdam is hearing something different on the Boston side of things:

A report out of San Francisco from KPIX 5 that the San Francisco Giants had dropped out of negotiations to re-sign free agent third baseman Pablo Sandoval was emphatically denied Wednesday by a source with direct knowledge of the talks.

And Pablo's agent told a producer from 95.7 The Game that if the Giants had backed out, he wasn't told about it.

All available evidence is pointing toward the Giants still being in the mix for Pablo Sandoval. Good. Unless we're into Barry Zito territory now, in which case this news is bad. For the future, I promise to write about only the most inflammatory rumors. Like this one. So nothing would have changed.

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