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Pablo Sandoval rumors: Red Sox, Giants reportedly make offers

Boston is cold and smells like Ben Affleck. Remember that, Pablo. Also, the Red Sox are in a championship drought, whereas the Giants are not.

Peter G. Aiken-USA TODAY Sports

Day 23 of Panda Watch continues. We last left you with a report that the Giants and Red Sox are both very interested in Pablo Sandoval. Today, we bring you the news that the Giants and Red Sox are both very interested in Pablo Sandoval. But now there are offers on the table! Hopefully someone remembers to push the offers to the middle of the table, or else the dog will get to them.

First, we have a report from Bay Area Sports Guy from yesterday, suggesting the Giants have a five year, $90 million offer out. If you'll remember, BASG was the one to break the Buster Posey extension. He also broke something else, too, but I can't remember what. Tim Lincecum shaving or something. The point is, he doesn't make this stuff up. I buy it. I also heard the same terms indirectly from a #source. Yeah, you read right. Tertiary sources. Check back later for more news updates on

Second, we have a report from Nick Cafardo, who says the Red Sox have made an offer:

The one thing that everyone is hearing is that Sandoval wants to decide soon. The offers coming in now mean that I have to carry my pager around everywhere, because this thing's probably going to happen soon. The last thing Pablo Sandoval might have done in a Giants uniform is catch the final out of the World Series.


Huh, when you put it that way, suddenly I'm less nervous. Still nervous, though. Do you know the Braves want to trade Chris Johnson, who is overpaid, average-dependent, and bad at defense? It's true. Be afraid of the post-Panda permutations, people.