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Rumors: Pablo Sandoval's asking price is reasonable

Compared to recent free agent deals, at least. Those Red Sox rumors won't go away, though.

Peter G. Aiken-USA TODAY Sports

Today's Pablo Sandoval rumor is encouraging and discouraging, good and bad news. Earlier in the season, before the Giants were flush with World Series Champions shirts and sweatshirts and parkas and sweatpants and shot glasses and Pogs and hats and fanny packs that all start at $20, it was rumored that Sandoval wanted something close to the five year, $90 million deal that Hunter Pence picked up. Back at the time, it seemed like a good way to jump the market:

Pounce, dammit. If those numbers are close to accurate, get something done before Opening Day. Remember how crazy the Pence contract seemed? Look at what Shin-Soo Choo got. There will be a team who will give the seventh year to Sandoval.

The five-year, $90 million deal would have been rational and calming. If it was ever offered or proposed by either side, which might not have happened, that is. Still, the idea was that Pablo was only going to get more expensive once the offseason started.

Or is he? Jerry Crasnick with some scuttlebutt:

That's quite reasonable, if accurate. The five years takes the Giants to his age-32 season, when there's still a chance he would be productive. Most free agent deals tack on a we-know-you'll-suck surcharge for the last year or two because that's the price of doing business. That wouldn't be the case for a five-year deal with Sandoval.

It also means the Red Sox might be willing to jump up a little bit. Which means the Giants would jump up. Which means I'll be absolutely stunned if Pablo gets both five years and under nine figures. Crasnick seems to think so. I hope he's right, so long as it doesn't make the Red Sox favorites.

Reminder that it's silly season out there.

No one knows what's really happening. I'm still sticking to the idea that Pablo will get many years and many millions, even if the scuttlebutt is hinting at fewer years and fewer millions.