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San Francisco Giants Link Dump, 11/18

They're painting the link dumps brown

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I heard the Braves just didn't want to pay more for the helmets that protect Heyward's jaw
I heard the Braves just didn't want to pay more for the helmets that protect Heyward's jaw
Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

There are things happening in baseball that we can talk about, so let's talk about them.

Heyward trade may be just the beginning for the Braves
If the Braves were willing to accept Miller and Jenkins for Heyward and Walden, then clearly they should have been willing to accept worse players from the Giants at different positions. Are you seriously gonna tell me that Ehire Adrianza, Jarrett Parker, and Ron Wotus don't get this deal done? Adrianza shores up infield defense, Parker helps build for the future, and Wotus would certainly be a better manager than Fredi Gonzalez. Since I am some guy on the Internet, I can certainly state that either the Braves were foolish to not accept this deal or Sabean was incompetent to not propose it.


InfoWARS Sportscast #1 - Derek Jeter & MLB Playoffs
Are you ready for the HORRIBLE TRUTH about the world of baseball? Do you want to hear about the Evan Meek-Caleb Joseph-Nick Markakis conspiracy, or how the reptilians are conspiring against humanity? And how are our Giants involved? What is the true nature of Hunter Pence? And while there are probably people out there who don't know about it, some of whom might even be reading this, I'm sure a lot of you are part of the Bohemian Grove-Illuminati nexus, and to you I say: Keep up the good work. Your efforts to subjugate the human race have brought the Giants three championships. Thank you so much.


Some Guy Scooped The Baseball Media On The Biggest MLB Contract Ever
Now that the Stanton contract is officially going to soon be official, let's talk about the guy who actually broke the story. His name is Christopher Meola, he knows someone who knows something, and he had the information a week ago. Sure, he may not be a zygote like Cotillo, but it's still admirable that Meola broke the story just for the sake of breaking the story. I'd be in it for money or glory, which is literally the only reason I don't have a bunch of friends in the Giants' front office. Literally.


Giants Players Finish Arizona Fall League Season
How'd the Giants farmhands end up doing in the AFL? Well, Steven Okert did great. Maybe you're wondering about Daniel Carbonell, but did you hear that Tyler Rogers really opened a lot of eyes? Because he did! Way to go, Tyler. Daniel Carbonell was also there, and, you know, Clayton Blackburn's ERA wasn't impressive, but his peripherals were solid, which is a positive sign after a good, though injury-shortened, season. And, of course, a certain San Jose Giants standout played too, and was pretty disappointing. I'd really hoped Blake Miller would do better, but sometimes you have a bad few weeks.

Carbonell was there too, btw.


Goodnight, Sweet Prince: Beloved Baseball Monster Mr. Met Dies At 10,000
As long as Mr. Redlegs is still out there, I'll never feel safe