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San Francisco Giants Link Dump, 11/17

They're selling postcards of the link dump

Remember this? This ruled. No one else got one of these.
Remember this? This ruled. No one else got one of these.
Ed Szczepanski-USA TODAY Sports

Remember how people thought Yasmani Tomas would sign with someone this weekend? How young we were. Young and foolish.

Everyone Loves Another Parade
Do you realize that it's literally been weeks since we got any new parade #content? Why even win a World Series and have a parade if you're not going to shove it in everyone's face all offseason? We as a fanbase have not done a good enough job of being utterly insufferable. Our job won't be done until the general public preemptively asks everyone if they're Giants fans, just so they know if they have to stay ten feet away from us at all times. I feel like, if we give it our all, we can make every sports fan in the country despise us. Livin' the dream, people. Livin' the dream.


MLB Preseason Predictions Revisited: How Well Do Players and Executives Know Their Own Teams?
You know how during Spring Training, players, coaches, and managers all make wildly optimistic predictions about their team along the lines of "Eugenio Velez will play a fantastic shortstop" or "Grady Sizemore will have multiple functional non-cyborg limbs in May"? Well, it's about time someone held them to account. I will not rest until mutiple injury-wracked teams admit that their third baseman is only in the majors because literally no one else is physically capable of standing there. Because that's when Sabean can get a king's ransom for Joaquin Arias.


Q&A with Hall of Famer Willie McCovey
Willie McCovey talked to the president of the Hall of Fame, and answered a few questions about his time, like who had the best pickoff move of anyone he played behind – Marichal, of course, because he was and is physically incapable of not being great at everything – and a few about present-day baseball, like whether Alex Gordon should have been sent home, to which he somehow didn't sigh deeply, roll his eyes, and just shake his head until the other guy felt ashamed of himself. That amount of restraint can only be described as saintly.


1 year anniversary of 'Batkid' saving San Francisco
Saturday was the one year anniversary of Batkid, and since that was the coolest thing that happened in 2013 – dissent on this point will not be tolerated – let's look back on it. He started out the day being the best, continued by totally being the best, and finished up by being the absolute best. It was a busy day. I'm surprised he had time to do it all.


A Response to Jerry Green, Line By Line
This is a good article, but it mostly makes me miss Fire Joe Morgan. I wish those guys would stop making widely admired TV shows and get back to what society really needs – making jokes about bad sports writing.