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Watch Giants players impersonate Madison Bumgarner

Poorly. But it's still funny.

Twitter member Rick alerts us to the existence of the above video, in which Bruce Bochy and assorted Giants players do their best Madison Bumgarner impressions. This is the sequel to the famous 2012 end credits from the World Series Blu Rays:

Because it's a sequel, it's not as good. That's okay. It's still plenty good enough. Back to the Future II, then, except the Chicago Cubs and Miami Alligators don't win jack in this universe. We'll remember this sequel and its promise of hoverboards fondly.

In 2016, they'll impersonate Buster Posey. In 2018, they'll impersonate Girded Likken (2016 draft pick). In 2020, they'll impersonate Javier Lopez (in the last year of his third extension with the team). In 2022, they'll impersonate Brett Bochy (closer). In 2024, they'll impersonate Matt Cain (pitching coach). This is a rich tradition, and we should embrace it.

And pray for the Bumgarner's baby rabbit. Thing was almost eaten by a snake.