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Hector Sanchez playing baseball again

This is a positive development.

Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

Hector Sanchez, who hasn't played since July 25 because of concussion-related problems, is playing baseball again. According to Manolo Hernández Douen, Sanchez is hitting fifth as the DH for the Tiburones de La Guaira in the Venezuelan League. Note that the Tiburones have a rad website if you use Google Translate.

lions shark

"LIONS dealt another setback A SHARK" is the Internet meme you never knew you needed. Also note that Gregor Blanco most certainly did play for the Tiburones. Shark on Shark action.

We can joke around like this because it's great news that Sanchez is healthy enough to play. His absence from the postseason and post-postseason celebrations had me freaking out. a bit. Not because he's crucial to the Giants' hopes next year -- I have no idea what they're planning to do with him -- but because he's a human being, dang it. The real tests will come with the first 100 foul tips off the catcher's mask, of course. Concussions are nasty, horrible things.

Sanchez is arbitration-eligible this year and should make about $1 million, according to MLB Trade Rumors. It's partially insane that he's already arb-eligible, considering he's just 24 and should have been in the minors the entire time, learning how to hit and catch. But the Giants have two World Series championships using this strategy, so I guess I'm the dummy.

The emergence of Andrew Susac probably puts Sanchez in Sacramento to start the year if he's healthy, but it's still good news that he's anywhere. Brandon Belt seemed like the same guy. Here's hoping for the same with Sanchez.