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Red Sox are either all-in on Pablo Sandoval, or the Giants are the favorites

I guess both could be true. Unless *neither* is true. Or maybe one of them could be true, unless the other one is.

Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

Good morning. This is your daily Pablo Sandoval update, presented by CALL OF DUTY. They haven't paid for anything specific to this post, but I'm hoping if I start saying they're presented by CALL OF DUTY, they'll send me a free game. I have a PS3 and Wii U. Email me.

We've known for a while that the ominous, armed, and bearded Lone Biker of the Apocalypse in the offseason is the Boston Red Sox, at least as far as the Giants and Sandoval are concerned. The Red Sox have money to spend and cheap, young players to count on for the future. They can pay for Panda. Now we have quotes from a Boston source that confirm our fears. From ESPN Boston:

While there have been reports, most notably from Buster Olney of, that the San Francisco Giants are optimistic about re-signing Pablo Sandoval and that a deal could happen soon, an executive with another major league club said Tuesday that the Red Sox are "all-in" on the free-agent third baseman and are making a big push to sign him.

"All-in" is a poker term, used when a player puts the rest of his money on the line against Nathaniel's mother at a pre-wedding tournament seven years ago because he had pocket 9s and a 9 came up on the flop, so he was feeling pretty froggy, only to lose on a stupid flush draw she chased to the river. Not that I'm still bitter. This means the Red Sox are going to lose, then. That's my experience.

It also means the Red Sox are comfortable offering all sorts of riches to Pablo Sandoval. They feel comfortable doing a longer deal, I'd imagine, considering they have the safety net of the DH. David Ortiz can't even touch his knees anymore, and they have to butter his joints just to get him out of bed in the morning. He's still great. That's what the American League can do for certain players, and the Red Sox aren't looking at a 34-year-old Sandoval like a bad thing.

According to Ken Rosenthal, though, the Giants are still the favorites.

I guess those two aren't mutually exclusive. The first link says that Boston is going to "GO FISH" and "DRAW FOUR (WILD)" and the second one says if they do exactly that, they still have a shot.

Part of me wonders what kind of numbers Sandoval could put up in Fenway.

Another part of me wants the Red Sox to back the hell off.

Back the hell off, Red Sox.

The Giants have a couple options if Panda eats, shoots, and leaves, such as giving millions and millions to Yasmany Tomas, or getting creative with Jung-Ho Kang, or signing Casey McGehee and Ryan Ludwick and riding into that odd year on a phlegmy burro. But I'd rather keep the guy we're used to. The one we like. The one who came up at our darkest hour and makes aces mutter "Wow" in disbelief. That guy.

You know you'd rather be clever with Jung-Ho Kang, Red Sox. Go on. Be clever. Back off.