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2014-2015 MLB free agent predictions

The predict-o-thon is back! Be wrong again for the first time.

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

You might not remember this, but it's a yearly tradition around here to guess and which players will sign where. You don't remember it because by the time the offseason is over and you're used to the players with their new teams, you can't imagine why in the heck you thought Player A would be a good fit with Team B in the first place.

It's fun, though. At least, it appeals to me and my furtive rosterbatory tendencies. Below is a list of the top 21 names (and four ex-Giants) from the MLB Trade Rumors free-agent ranking, and it's for you to copy and paste into the comments and add your guesses as to their new teams:

Max Scherzer -
Jon Lester -
James Shields -
Hanley Ramirez -
Pablo Sandoval -
Victor Martinez -
Melky Cabrera -
Russell Martin -
Nelson Cruz -
Yasmany Tomas -
Ervin Santana -
Kenta Maeda -
David Robertson -
Brandon McCarthy -
Francisco Liriano -
Chase Headley -
Andrew Miller -
Justin Masterson -
Colby Rasmus -
Jed Lowrie -
Jason Hammel -
Jake Peavy -
Michael Morse -
Sergio Romo -
Ryan Vogelsong -

Now get guessing! Here are mine:

Max Scherzer - Red Sox
Jon Lester - Yankees
James Shields - Cubs
Hanley Ramirez - Dodgers
Pablo Sandoval - Giants
Victor Martinez - A's
Melky Cabrera - Gi ... aw, man, can't troll that hard. Cardinals
Russell Martin - Dodgers
Nelson Cruz - Tigers
Yasmany Tomas - Mariners
Ervin Santana - Braves
Kenta Maeda - not posted
David Robertson - Yankees
Brandon McCarthy - Cubs
Francisco Liriano - Pirates
Chase Headley - White Sox
Andrew Miller - Brewers
Justin Masterson - Marlins
Colby Rasmus - Tigers
Jed Lowrie - Yankees
Jason Hammel - Mariners
Jake Peavy - Giants
Michael Morse - Royals
Sergio Romo - Brewers
Ryan Vogelsong - Phillies

Hey, I'm not happy about some of those, either. Just keeping it real, is all.

Now for the bonus section: making fun of you fools for your past picks.


Aubrey Huff – Giants, 4/$45M

by Bryan Murphy on Nov 18, 2010

You idiot, he signs for half that much, plays an inning at second base, disappears, and the Giants win two more championships.

Tsuyoshi Nishioka: Giants 3/21m

by operation carrot on Nov 18, 2010

Ugh. That guy is awful and you are bad at this. If you were in charge, the Giants would still have just one lousy ring.

Carl Crawford – Giants, 6/$122M
By Grant Brisbee on Nov 18 2010

Do you even know how baseball works? That deal would have been lousy, just lousy, you dummy.


Jimmy Rollins – Giants

by Myemail21479 on Nov 14, 2011

That wouldn't have been bad. But it would have CHANGED HISTORY. You don't want to do that. Your grandparents never meet.

Albert Pujols – Cardinals, 8/200

by GiantPain on Nov 14, 2011

He gets even more, you fool! And because of this, Matt Adams is stumbling around first base in the NLCS, two years after the Cardinals can't hit Barry Zito in the NLCS. Pujols would have helped both times. Should have paid the man, imo.


If I predict that every pitcher will go to the Dodgers, I'll get some of them right

1. Zack Greinke – Angels

by El Person on Nov 6, 2012

You wrote that subject line and then literally predicted the first pitcher on your list to sign somewhere else, and that guy actually signed with the Dodgers. My word, that is totally hashtag FAIL, buddy. Go back to UNFAIL school.

Also, Greinke has still not won a championship with the Los Angeles Dodgers.

Angel Pagan – Barves

by Hyoton on Nov 6, 2012

Wrong, wrong, wrong. Sheesh. He signs with the Giants and helps them win another championship ... by not playing. Simple stuff, really.

B.J. Upton - Giants

By Grant Brisbee on Nov 6 2012

Step into my office. Because you're fired.


Note the URL: I think I'm so damned funny ...

"Mike Morse – Giants, 2 years, $14 million"
Dear God, why?

by DiaDeLosSlapsy on Nov 1, 2013

Because HE'S A WINNER, you fool. He wins championships, even if he can't start.

Josh Johnson – Giants, 2 years, $22 million

by garbanzo24 on Nov 1, 2013

What a terrible deal. He can't even hold a pen. And you want him to throw baseballs for you? Good thing you're not the GM.

Javier Lopez - Tigers, 3 years, $14 million

By Grant Brisbee on Nov 1 2013

Ugh. This guy again. Like the Giants would ever let Lopez go, especially before an even year.

Those predictions were awful. The ones we all make this year will be awful. Let's be awful together, shall we?