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San Francisco Giants Link Dump, 11/11

Live and Let Dump

He's in a Niners uniform therefore he loves San Francisco therefore he will re-sign. IT'S SO CLEAR.
He's in a Niners uniform therefore he loves San Francisco therefore he will re-sign. IT'S SO CLEAR.
Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Happy Veterans' Day! You should celebrate it by castigating yourself for every derogatory thing you've ever said about God Bless America. Shame on you!

Eight offseason questions for baseball executives
Jerry Crasnick poses eight questions to baseball executives – none of them "Holy crap, Sal Perez is catching in the Japan Series, and how nuts is that?", weirdly  – and tallies up their responses. The two that Giants fans would be most interested in are about Pablo Sandoval (they overwhelmingly said he'll re-sign with the Giants, while taking some time for #fatchat) and the Dodgers' outfield situation. Who will they trade? I, for one, think it should be Puig. Clubhouse cancer, you know. Just poisonin' that clubhouse. Gotta start Ethier every day, Andrew. I know you're new in town, but you can trust me on this one. I write like a person who has a very honest face.


Rioters 'Celebrating' The SF Giants' World Series Win Trashed 28 Muni Vehicles This Year
You know, when I celebrated the Giants' win, I felt something was missing. And now that I'm reading this article and seeing these photos, I'm pretty sure that something was property damage. Look at how much more thoroughly these people enjoyed the World Series win, to the extent that they had no choice but to damage several MUNI vehicles. One can only assume that these rioters have learned the secret to a rich, full life, and clearly it involves doing damage to city property.


Yasmani Tomas, the Next Cuban MLB Star, Is Already a Legend
There has been a notable movement around here to sign Yasmani Tomas, based on the impressive criteria that:

1. People have heard of him
2. See 1

So let's learn more about him! Specifically, there's a lot of good information vis a vis whether he puts on a show during batting practice. So if you're reading this, Mike Krukow, be sure to click on the link before someone ruins the ending!


Is fouling off pitches a skill?
It has to be. It HAS to be. David Eckstein, on no less than four thousand separate occasions, fouled off at least eighteen pitches in an at-bat against the Giants. I will not accept that this did not happen. I will not accept that this is not a skill. Ergo, Eno Sarris wasted a whole lot of words.


Why Six Years for Pablo Sandoval Isn’t Crazy
There's a lot here about the economics of long contracts that it's always helpful to remember, but I would add that Pablo's agent's claim that he wants a 6-year deal isn't necessarily truthful. He could be trying to get teams to pay a little more per year on a 5-year deal, in the hope that Pablo can get one last big contract. This has been the latest episode of Agents: They're Just Like Us Except Their Jobs Involve Lying Like All The Time!