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Watch the last out of the 2014 World Series with our friends at Finnerty's

Bonus coverage of the NO GREGOR NO JUAN NO NO NO that preceded it.

I've never been to Finnerty's in New York. The last time I was in New York, police were chasing a white Bronco down the freeway and I didn't need to shave, so I don't have a connection with the place. Yet for whatever reason, this is one of the first videos I seek out whenever something good happens to the Giants. I wonder what would have happened to the video if Salvador Perez hits a 430-foot home run. Probably would have stayed on the phone until the phone was obsolete, and then it would have been recycled and/or repurposed before being erased forever. And the sun would have poked through the clouds on that day.

Instead: that. I liked that.