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San Francisco Giants Link Dump, 10/8

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Just someone to keep my links clean, fix my dumps and go away

Let's take another look at the baby under Pence
Let's take another look at the baby under Pence
Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports


Now the Giants should beat the Cardinals, who are literally the St Louis Cardinals of baseball teams.

Ryan Vogelsong: rally spaghetti is the new rally enchiladas
Do I like to take credit for the achievements of Giants players? Yes. So I would just like to point out that, entirely unintentionally, I ate my own rally spaghetti last night for dinner. Is this because I'm so attuned to the Giants I even support them unconsciously? And was my rally spaghetti – which, not to brag, was totally adequate – the reason Vogelsong had such a great start? These aren't questions that man can answer.


Right-hander Beckett announces plans to retire
God, how I won't miss him. His delivery and his face and the way he obviously wasn't good I know you're not good Josh why are you doing so well against the Giants STOP IT. I won't miss any of that. I will, of course, miss him being paid by the Dodgers, because even though Colletti's budget is "LITERALLY THE MOON" it's still fun when the Dodgers overpay their players horribly.

And let's just get this one out of the way: He started announcing his retirement four months ago, but is just now finishing delivering it.


ESPN Forecast: Predicting the postseason
I didn't link this before the playoffs started, and I feel bad about it, so let me just show it to you now. These picks represent the consensus among ESPN's panel of experts as to how the playoffs will go. If you take a close look, you may notice one or two or every series that didn't or will not go as they planned. But don't take this as an indictment of ESPN. Just keep it in mind whenever anyone tries to predict the result of a sporting match, because sports wouldn't be any fun if predictions actually worked.

LOL Dodgers, by the way. Always and forever.


Divvying Up Postseason Ticket Revenue
You might be surprised to know that baseball's postseason makes quite a bit of money, a large percentage of which actually goes to the players. If you're wondering how that's calculated and then distributed, Wendy Thurm has answers here. I think this is all pretty complicated, and can just be trusted to one honest person, which would save time and effort. Do you think Frank McCourt is available? He'd probably do a great job.


Yost views Gore as necessary part of roster

"I view him as a necessity," Yost said. "I view him as a guy like having Barry Bonds on the bench late that can come in and win a ballgame for you."


Madison Bumgarner one-ups himself, chugs 5 beers after Giants' NLDS win
The best part about the Giants winning the World Series would be seeing Bumgarner do this, but with seven beers at once. I don't not believe!