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Giants down Nationals, 3-2, advance to NLCS

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They'll face the Cardinals, who are even more annoying than the Giants.

Ezra Shaw

The Giants had three chances to seal an NLDS win, with two at home. They blew their first chance. Blowing their second chance would mean they would have to go to Washington and take their chances in an elimination game on the road. Which they've done, again and again.

No one wanted to keep playing that danged slot machine again.

Ryan Vogelsong started the game throwing as hard as he's ever thrown in a Giants uniform, and he pitched 6⅔ strong innings. The bullpen couldn't get him the win, but they could give us hives, which is basically the same thing, except much less pleasant. After a right angle of a home run from Bryce Harper and an unnecessary staredown as he rounded the bases, the Giants scored a run on two singles, a clutch Hunter Pence walk, and a clutch wild pitch from Pablo Sandoval.

Forget about the weirdness that followed. Forget about the in-season weirdness that preceded it all. The Giants clinched a spot in the NLCS on the same day the Dodgers were eliminated. Rejoice.