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San Francisco Giants Link Dump, 10/7

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Old dump take a look at my link, I'm a lot like you were

Throwing gas, sternly
Throwing gas, sternly
Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports

It was awfully nice of the Giants to lose that game yesterday so that they could play once more in front of their adoring fans. Now that they can't have any more home games this round, they'll win, of course. They're very considerate that way.

Long before he threw 100: Hunter Strickland’s Red Sox tenure recalled
Let's go over Hunter Strickland's history as a prospect!

2007-2009: Red Sox system, starter, fastball in the high 80s or low 90s, not a great prospect
2009-2013: Pirates system, starter, injured and later DFA'd (for, as we all know, Jonathan Sanchez!)
2013: Giants system, reliever, Tommy John surgery participant

Anyone could have seen that coming, really.


San Jose Standouts Begin Arizona Fall League Season This Week
The regular season is over, so obviously the most exciting thing going on for Giants fans now is the Arizona Fall League. Since the AFL will be occupying all of our attention over the next few weeks, let's take a look at the Giants prospects who will be there. The biggest names are probably Clayton Blackburn and Daniel Carbonell, though Blake Miller had an excellent year over two levels and Steven Okert received a nice write-up in the Minor League Ball preview. Still, feel free to follow Carbonell closely and get way, way too excited about him. Hey, that's what prospects are for!


Paul Pierce wants his son to play baseball because of the union
Famous And Respected Athlete Paul Pierce is an excellent basketball player, so you might think that he would want his son to also play basketball. However, if you read the title of the link, you'll know that's not true. Why? Because baseball's player union is fantastic, and basketball's is not. I think this is a great thing, because players should have all the power. Just look at football, where the players are weak (in terms of political power, of course; any non-kicker could break my leg by staring at it) and the league office repeatedly tramples all over them for money. I do understand that impulse, though. Why settle for uncountable riches when you could have slightly more uncountable riches?


These Are The Little League Volunteers Who Steal Money From Children
This seems like a crowd that enjoys not having faith in humanity, so let's all warm our hands around the glowing screen and read about the people who steal from Little Leagues. My favorite is the lady who embezzled to fund her husband's oxycodone addiction, because there isn't a more perfect example of money going from Where It Should Be to Where It Really Shouldn't Be, unless she using the cash to buy black tar heroin or Atlas Shrugged.


Stop-Motion Pitching With Baseball Cards