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San Francisco Giants Link Dump, 10/6

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I've seen the linkle and the dumpage done, a little part of it in everyone

He can fly? HE CAN FLY?
He can fly? HE CAN FLY?
Al Bello

In my opinion, the Giants should win today's baseball game so they don't have to play tomorrow. You may say I'm a dreamer...

Homegrown talent a key to San Francisco Giants' latest playoff run
Ever since they traded Zack Wheeler, the Giants farm system has been the laughingstock of people on the Internet who rate prospects, which is probably because they're all haters who gonna hate and 2010 2012 COUNT THA RINGZZZZZ. We know this is true, because none of these prospecters were able to foresee the emergence of Joe Panik, who – and let's not raise expectations too high here – is certain to be the greatest second baseman of all time. Anti-Giants bias rears its ugly head once again.


Adam LaRoche, the Braves and pranks
Did you know that baseball players like to play pranks on each other? It's true! For example, current National Adam LaRoche was traded from the Braves to the Pirates a few years ago, and soon afterward happened to be leaving Miami with the Pirates just as the Braves were coming in. So, as anyone would do, LaRoche cut the crotches out of everyone's pants. Hilarious!

Long story short, Tim Hudson retaliated and there was literal human poop involved.


Handicapping the Race for Yasmany Tomas
You might think of Yasmany Tomas as That Cuban Guy Who Will Be An All-Star For Years, Unless The Giants Sign Him, In Which Case He's Terrible And Fire Bochy And Sabean. But what are the odds that he'll actually sign with the Giants? Some Diamondbacks blog takes a stab at it! I don't know how much I agree with the analysis here, but on the other hand, I don't want to do any real work here myself. So, five percent, huh? Pretty good. Pret-tay good.


Baseball Behind Bars: A Tradition At San Quentin State Prison
San Quentin is a scary place whose every inch was hated by Johnny Cash, presumably because of the lack of jobs and hope. But there is one positive tradition there: baseball!

It would have been pretty funny if that tradition was something besides baseball. "Why is the link dump guy on this baseball site linking to a story about San Quentin's chess club? That doesn't make any sense!"


Dodgers celebrate postseason baseball with pastrami-wrapped hot dog
I don't understand the financial incentive for the Dodgers to ruin their fans' cholesterol levels, but hey, I'm not a businessman.