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San Francisco Giants Link Dump, 10/31

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Do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United Links of Adumpica.

"I wish I could be in your shoes, so I could also applaud me, as I so richly deserve"
"I wish I could be in your shoes, so I could also applaud me, as I so richly deserve"
Jamie Squire

Happy Parade Day! I won't be there, so someone else will have to ensure that the crowd cheers for people associated with the Giants organization. I hope one of you reading this is up to the challenge.

The once and future kings
You'll see a lot of pieces about Madison Bumgarner being written over the next few seconds, and a lot more after that too. Fangraphs had a couple of them, as did ESPN, the New York Times had a great one . . . you could say that Madison bumGarnered a lot of praise. I mean, if you wanted, you could say that. I don't know who would say that. I certainly didn't say that. You absolutely should not tell Grant to make me stop doing link dumps for saying that, even though you would be so, so right to do so.


Madison Bumgarner, The Best
You might think that I would have lumped this in with the other Bumgarner stories, seeing as how it is a story and it is about Bumgarner. But the Roger Angell Factor – as in, Roger Angell is the Vin Scully of writing, and if you don't click that link then I get to pretend I came up with that analogy myself – means that he gets his own blurb. We have rules here. Rules that I hastily made up within the last few minutes to give myself a flimsy justification to treat this link differently than the others, sure. But still rules.


Send Alex Gordon!
This is wrong. This is dumb. If you want an example of the new FiveThirtyEight being pretty awful, this is it. Brandon Crawford had the ball in short left field before Gordon was at third base, and Gordon's only chance at scoring was for Crawford and Posey to basically not be major league players. Jeff Sullivan covered it best, of course, which Nate Silver even acknowledged on Twitter, but Silver's original article is the sort of lazy, pop science analysis written entirely to show off that Silver thought about this in a way (He applied pot odds) that no one else did. Of course, the reason that no one else thought about it like that is that it was a bad idea, but why let that stop you?


TV Ratings Wednesday: World Series Game 7 Hits Home Run
Get it? "Hits Home Run"? See, because it was a baseball game, and the best thing you can do as a batter in an at bat during a baseball game is to hit a home run! This means the ratings were good, which is a relief to people who desperately care about FOX's bottom line. Someday, God willing, those plucky upstarts will make some money!


The Taylor Swift/San Francisco Giants conspiracy, explained
Of course there's a connection. She was probably inspired by the Giants, because with all their success lately, they've discovered that, no matter what, HATERS GONNA HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE.