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Giants World Series championship parade route and time

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It's at noon, and it will go down Market Street. Also, the Giants won the World Series.


I love a parade. You know what there should be? A Huey Lewis song about parades. And the Giants should absolutely blare it before every game until someone complains to the U.N. about Geneva Convention violations. The San Francisco Giants won the 2014 World Series, and now there's going to be a World Series Parade. I like to scoop up huge handfuls of confetti and stick it in my mouth, like a big ol' chaw. Then I spend the rest of the day spitting victory at the world.

The parade will start at Market and Steuart, continuing west on Market, then turning right onto McAllister. From there, everything moves to Civic Center Plaza, where everyone will yell and cheer a lot during various speeches about the Giants. No one will pull out their underwear.

A map of the route:

View Giants parade in a larger map

The parade starts at noon, but there's a catch: It's gonna be wet. Have you ever seen a parade in the rain? I haven't. How does that work? Does the confetti just drop in a huge, coagulated ball and hurt people? Could be.

The San Jose Mercury News reports that conditions will be "potentially uncomfortable," but officials are still expecting about a million people.The Mercury News has suggestions!

Don't drive there -- unless you want to go slower than the vehicles in the parade and be stuck without a place to park. BART will be running its maximum rush-hour service all day and will have 100 extra employees on hand -- and for those staying for some late-night happy times, will extend service until 2 a.m. Caltrain will have extra capacity on its regular northbound morning commute, and after the shindig is over, will start firing off southbound trains as soon as each one fills up, and they will make every stop en route to San Jose.

The events will be streamed here, and you can watch on CSN Bay Area or listen on KNBR. Watch for Marco Scutaro to recreate his famous pose, assuming he can still do that.