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Clayton Kershaw pounded, Dodgers down in NLDS

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What in the hell did we just watch?

Kevork Djansezian

I wrote a full recap over at the mothership, but here are some of the tastier bits:

Clayton Kershaw, earned runs by month
March: 1
May: 13
June: 4
July: 5
August: 8
September: 8
October: 8

Kershaw allowed more runs in this game than he has in his last five starts against the Giants (39 innings). He allowed more homers in this game than he did in September. He allowed more runs in this game than he had since July, 2012. To the Cardinals. That was the year before he allowed seven runs to the Cardinals in the NLCS.

Don't make me like the Cardinals, Clayton Kershaw.

Kershaw showed the world that anything is possible in the playoffs. If Kershaw can give up a five-run lead, maybe a stupid team that plays stupid baseball for two stupid months can back into the playoffs and end up trolling the world.

It's a beautiful dream. Almost as beautiful as watching Kershaw get hit that hard.