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Giants set 25-man roster for NLDS

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Michael Morse is not on the roster. Tim Lincecum is.

H.Darr Beiser-USA TODAY Sports

The biggest question for the Giants' NLDS roster was if Michael Morse was healthy enough to sneak on as a pinch-hitter. Alas, he was not. Lo!

Here's the 25-man roster the Giants will use:

Pitchers (12)
Jeremy Affeldt
Madison Bumgarner
Santiago Casilla
Tim Hudson
Tim Lincecum
Javier Lopez
Jean Machi
Jake Peavy
Yusmeiro Petit
Sergio Romo
Hunter Strickland
Ryan Vogelsong

Catchers (2)
Buster Posey
Andrew Susac

Infielders (6)
Joaquin Arias
Brandon Belt
Brandon Crawford
Matt Duffy
Joe Panik
Pablo Sandoval

Outfielders (5)
Gregor Blanco
Gary Brown
Travis Ishikawa
Hunter Pence
Juan Perez

Probably the biggest surprise is Gary Brown making the roster after being ignored for most of September. My conspiracy theory still rings true: The Giants didn't want advance scouts sniffing around. That's better than what I originally thought was going on in September, which is that they hated him as a baseball player.

Juan Gutierrez, who became a jug of kerosene as the year went on, is off the roster. Tim Lincecum is on, perhaps as the lucky talisman? Considering the four-man rotation of the playoffs, the 12-man pitching staff is effectively like a 13-man pitching staff in the regular season. I can't see where Lincecum would be used when the Giants will have either Ryan Vogelsong or Yusmeiro Petit as a long man.

I can imagine a lot of situations in which Adam Duvall would have come in handy, considering the only right-handed power off this bench is the Giants' backup catcher. I can't imagine any situation that would make me say, hey, where's Lincecum?

Maybe extra innings. Like, an 18-inning game. That would be good for my heart and bowels, all around.

No Morse. No lumbering galoot power off the bench. That hurts, and it's a total shame. Miss that guy. Everything else is pretty much as expected, though.