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Nationals set 25-man roster for NLDS

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Scott Hairston is not on the roster because Matt Williams's intern screwed up.

H.Darr Beiser-USA TODAY Sports

The Nationals have set their 25-man roster for the National League Division Series, and you'll never believe this, but they have a bunch of good pitchers on it. On the other hand, there's no Scott Hairston.

There's no Scott Hairston.


LHP Jerry Blevins
LHP Gio Gonzalez
LHP Matt Thornton

RHP Aaron Barrett
RHP Tyler Clippard
RHP Doug Fister
RHP Tanner Roark
RHP Rafael Soriano
RHP Craig Stammen
RHP Drew Storen
RHP Stephen Strasburg
RHP Jordan Zimmermann


C Jose Lobaton
C Wilson Ramos


INF Asdrubal Cabrera (S)
SS Ian Desmond
INF Danny Espinosa (S)
INF Kevin Frandsen
1B Adam LaRoche (L)
INF Anthony Rendon
INF Ryan Zimmerman


OF Bryce Harper (L)
OF Nate Schierholtz (L)
OF Denard Span (L)
OF Jayson Werth

There are old friends that we'll probably see a lot -- Schierholtz would seem to be the first left-handed bat off the bench, and Frandsen the second or third right-hander after Espinosa and Zimmerman -- but there's no Hairston.

Here's what Hairston hit in 77 at-bats this year: .208/.253/.299, with just one home run. So he's terrible now.

Here's what Hairston hit in one at-bat against the Giants this year: 1.000/1.000/2.000, and he got one of his eight RBI against them. He is poison.

He's also locked in a case for the entire series. No matter what happens, no matter if the Giants get swept in a trio of 10-0 games, they won't lose a game to a big Scott Hairston hit. Everything's coming up Milhouse.