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Madison Bumgarner wins World Series MVP

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It was a close vote, but it looks like it went to the pitcher with three two wins and a save in the World Series.

Pool Photo-USA TODAY Sports

Madison Bumgarner is the 2014 World Series MVP. You knew that. It's official. He has a trophy that's just a little shinier than Pablo Sandoval's, just a little cleaner than Edgar Renteria's. It's his reward for one of the best World Series performances in baseball history. He allowed one lousy run, which meant it was statistically his worst World Series outing by ERA.

Bumgarner could have picked up a save or a win for Game 7. It was up to the official scorer's discretion.

Bud Selig: And I'm telling you, you can't *do* that.

Official scorer: President. He's literally the President of the United States now.

Selig: /scuffles with scorer, trying to grab the pen.

After giving Bumgarner credit for the win, the scorer changed it to a save. A long, long save. Bumgarner won a truck. He will use this truck to haul livestock. He probably didn't lift the trophy with his left arm, but we'll deal with that later. In the long history of Major League Baseball, few players have ever come close to doing what Bumgarner did in the 2014 World Series. He's the MVP. He might be the MVP of World Series MVPs. I think that will require a little research.

His performance was worth it. What a special postseason.