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San Francisco Giants Link Dump, 10/28

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In order to dump a more perfect link

Peter G. Aiken-USA TODAY Sports

The Giants should probably win tonight.

Jake Peavy's son steals World Series spotlight
Jake Peavy is starting tomorrow with a chance to clinch the World Series for the Giants, so naturally we all just want to hear more from his kids. Because let's be honest: this homework controversy needs to be resolved. I will not rest until I know whether Wyatt Peavy is truly falling behind in school, or if he's just trying to make himself look cool. These are the issues that could tear a clubhouse, and a nation, apart.


Yusmeiro Petit and Juan Perez: Finding the Better Baseball! Moment
If I'm remembering right, everyone at MCC was thrilled when Yusmeiro Petit stepped to the plate in Game 4, recognizing that Bochy's strategy was bound to pay off. Similarly, there was a wave of optimism on Sunday when Juan Perez took his AB against Wade Davis. But of Petit's single and Perez's double, which was less likely? And which was more awesome? And if you think that they're both beautiful snowflakes in their own way and it's dumb to consider, well, some snowflakes are better than others. That's just a fact.


Eight wonderful Hunter Pence faces from the 2014 postseason
When this season is over (Could be a week from now. Could be a month! No one knows), the thing I'm gonna miss most is new pictures of Hunter Pence Face. Whether he's bug-eyed or bug-eyed but looking slightly more to the left, Pence's face always manages to entertain without even using words. It's an impressive talent he has. Hopefully, one day he can use it to make something of himself. One day . . .


Logan White, longtime Dodgers scouting director, hired by Padres
We all know Logan White for drafting Clayton Kershaw, which puts him among the worst people in baseball history. But now he's leaving the Dodgers, which is great news, for the Padres, which is less great news. The last thing the Padres need is a bunch of great homegrown pitchers who seem to have stepped right out of their prep school's lacrosse team. At least he's not with the Dodgers anymore, though. That means if I enjoy watching the next Kershaw, I won't have to do twelve Hail Marys to cleanse myself.


All Of Madison Bumgarner's Game 5 Strikeout Pitches, At The Same Time
If you break down the video, you can really start to see that this was a lot of strikeouts.