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San Francisco Giants Link Dump, 10/24

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There's no link in dumping, you'll get no reply

Look at the face Buster's making. That must be one butt-ugly photographer. (Sorry, Kyle)
Look at the face Buster's making. That must be one butt-ugly photographer. (Sorry, Kyle)
Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

You know what would be good? If the Giants won, like, three straight games. Starting tonight. They should do that.

World Series: Buster Posey and the art of catching
Sure, we all love Buster Posey, but what do the pitchers on the Giants think of him? You'll be surprised to learn that, when they were interviewed by a reporter for an article in a newspaper, the pitching staff was universally effusive. Even Tim Lincecum, who we all know hates Posey and often stabs at him from hell's heart, dug down deep and found a compliment to bestow upon him. But the best praise came first in the article:

"There's no panic in his eyes, regardless of the situation," left-hander Javier Lopez said.

Calm eyes! He really is the new Jeter, people.


Madison Bumgarner’s New Weapon
Fangraphs wrote a nice thing about a player on the Giants, and followed it up with a negative thing about a player on the Royals. Welp, that's it, people. The Stats Crew has spoken, and the Giants are going to win. You had a good run, Royals, but unless you can come up with a competing article, this series is . . . well, crap. Still, that's only one. If you really want to have a chance, you'll have to come up with two. TWO. I'd like to think that's impossible because . . . oh.

Man, I was really hoping the series was over. This baseball is making me nervous.


Up next in defensive shifting: five-man infields?
The best part of baseball analysis is exploring goofy theories, and this one certainly qualifies. What if, against an extreme groundball hitter, you put an outfielder in the infield? Specifically, in this article, what if Ben Revere came up to bat with the right fielder playing behind second base? Now, this article has to ignore any psychological effects, so maybe he leaves a cardboard cutout of himself out in right, then dresses himself in camouflage so he's practically invisible. Since he's wearing camo, he must be on the Padres, who, and let's be honest here, might as well give this a try next year. It's not like it'll keep them from getting to the playoffs.


The World Series ratings are low. So what?
Here's something that we knew would happen before the series started: the ratings are bad. To understand how devastating this is, imagine an avian flu outbreak in the middle of a civil war where both sides are using nukes. Then imagine that that's just in a TV show on Fox, and the ratings are bad, and you don't give a shit.


Pat Gillick admits that the Phillies won’t contend in 2015 or 2016
Ruben Amaro, meanwhile, expects the Phillies to win the World Series this year, with Grady Sizemore being the MVP. That's why he signed him before that happened. Got a discount. That's smart GMing.