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Pablo Sandoval announced as Gold Glove finalist

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The Giants have just one shot at a Gold Glove, and Sandoval will have to beat out an old friend and a guy who missed 51 games.

Ezra Shaw

The Giants are in the World Series, even though they have just one finalist for a Gold Glove. This seems counterintuitive. It's up to Pablo Sandoval to win the first Gold Glove for a Giant since Omar Vizquel in 2006.

Sandoval is a finalist for the Gold Glove at third base, and his competition is Nolan Arenado, who is probably the best defender, but missed 51 games, and Juan Uribe, who is a traitor who probably eats his own boogers. According to Defensive Runs Saved and other defensive stats, Sandoval is the weakest candidate. But now's not the time for evidence, people. Go with your gut! And go with the only player who played in more than 111 games!

Brandon Crawford missed out on a nomination again, this time to Adeiny Hechavarria. Crawford's final defensive numbers were hurt by his errors. He might retire as one of the best shortstops to never win a Gold Glove, at this rate.

The Giants have the longest Gold Glove drought in the majors, and Sandoval's their only shot to get their first in nine seasons. He probably isn't going to win.

It'll be a while. Unless the Giants start Juan Perez in left next year. Which ...