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San Francisco Giants Link Dump, 10/23

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I don't wanna holiday in the dump, I wanna go to new Linksen

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In my opinion, the Giants should win three more games this year. Since they've already won more than three games, this should be easy! My plan is pretty foolproof.

Effectively Wild Episode 560: Grant Brisbee Still Isn't Sick of the World Series
Grant goes on BP's Effectively Wild podcast to preview the World Series. You might think that, now that the Series has actually started, your need for previews has diminished, but it has actually increased, which is why I am including not only this one, but also Jeff Sullivan's informative preview and Old Hoss Radbourn's insightful take. Lotta good information here. Lotta stuff to remember.

Also, in the podcast, they discuss a Bruce Bochy legend that was not one of his finer moments: the time he double-switched in an AL park and lost his DH. It did actually happen, it was this game, and the guy who did it legitimately deserves to go to the Hall of Fame. Baseball!


Tsuyoshi Shinjo: Where is he now?
If Brandon Belt and Hunter Pence got inside a Jaeger to fight kaiju being led by a Puigmonster on the same day that Madison Bumgarner released his first country album and Pat Burrell was caught in bed with alien quadruplets, I would still put Shinjo facts in the link dump. This is a man who, in Japan, wore a different team's uniform under his uniform, once got lowered onto the field on a "large disco ball-like device", and threw a game because he had a four-way date scheduled that night. He is beyond legend. He is simply . . . Shinjo.


Blast from the past: Jim Brower’s a Royal (kind of)
"Get Brower up!"
"Felipe, Jim Brower's a minor league coach with the Royals, you're not a manager anymore, and I promise that this bartender can make a decent Sex on the Beach."
"Get. Brower. Up."


Terrance Gore: You Will Believe a Man Can Fly
VICE Sports takes a look at the speed of Terrance Gore and how exciting it is to watch someone so fast, who can change the game at any moment. Tim Flannery agrees, which is why he's so quick to send Buster Posey home. "What were you doing there, Flan?" Bochy will ask for the thirtieth time this postseason. And, like always, Flannery will shrug, a little self-consciously. "I just got hypnotized by Buster's raw speed," he'll say. "Sometimes I see those wheels, and they're like looking into the face of God, and I have to send him. I just have to. Do you understand?"

Bochy will say he does, but really, he has no idea. He just doesn't want to embarrass his friend.


A Giants World Series Dictionary: From A (Ain't havin' it) to Z (#RallyZito)
Sometimes the Internet Giants fan community is accused of being overly defensive or quick to panic or insular. And while that talk mostly comes from the HATERS WHO HATINGLY REFUSE TO PICK THE GIANTS FOR HATER REASONS, PROBABLY BECAUSE THE GIANTS ARE TERRIBLE AND EVERYTHING WILL BE AWFUL FOREVER SO I DON'T EVEN WANNA TALK TO THEM ABOUT IT I'D RATHER COMPLAIN TO ALL MY INTERNET FRIENDS, it's nice to have a resource that tells people just what the hell we're saying to each other. At least, at first, it's nice. Trust me, if you don't already get the stupid crap we're talking about, you don't want to.