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Giants, Royals set lineup for Game 1

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That's Game 1 of the World Series, which both teams are somehow in.


The Giants have used a remarkably consistent lineup throughout the playoffs, save for a rare Juan Perez sighting against the left-handed Gio Gonzalez. There's a wrinkle with their lineup for Game 1 of the World Series, though: They get to use a designated hitter, and he's someone who actually should be a designated hitter:

No Shawon Dunston. No Pablo Sandoval, with Joaquin Arias in the lineup. The Giants get Michael Morse to DH, and that's where he should have been all season, if not for "rules" and "traditions."

Everything else is as it should be. Travis Ishikawa is still the left fielder, which I'll keep typing over and over again until it doesn't make me feel light-headed. Crawford is the pitcher in this scenario, and considering that he's not that bad (and even above average according to a couple metrics) at the plate, this lineup gives you an idea of some of the depth the Giants hope to have.

There's a good five-player stretch in the middle of that lineup in which dingers are a real possibility. That's the first time that's happened in months, other than the week between Brandon Belt's concussions. The Giants won 60 percent of those games, you know. There were dingers.

Let there be dingers again. Praise the DH and pass the ammunition.