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San Francisco Giants Link Dump, 10/21

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God dump the queen, she ain't no linkin' being


Here's something I won't link to because there isn't a word for how little I care: those radio stations not playing "Royals" by Lorde. I also won't be linking to that Steward piece about how gritty the Giants are, because it's pretty bad and I don't want to reward that with precious, precious clicks. Clicks are the currency of the Internet, you know. Clicks and misogyny.

Pitch from Zito helped sell Hudson on Giants


This is the sort of story that makes me believe the Giants organization does genuinely deal well with people. Barry Zito, who was not coming back, talked to his friend and had nothing but good things to say about the Giants. Did Zito also pass along his World Series Hero magic, letting Tim Hudson have it as a favor? We can only assume he did, and that anything less than six scoreless innings from Hudson on Friday will be a failure.


Two different bullpens, same results: Royal relief and Giant success
Even with Jean Machi involved, this series features two excellent bullpens, but they get there very different ways. The Giants bullpen, Hunter Strickland excluded, mostly finesses the other team, disrupting hitters' timing and using fastballs that wouldn't break a pane of glass. Metaphorically, at least. It seems fairly certain that a baseball travelling around 90 MPH would break all but the sturdiest window. Now contrast this with the guys in the Royals bullpen, who throw their fastballs several MPH faster, and would also be able to break most windows.

That wasn't a very informative comparison, huh.


The World Series of Power Versus Finesse
So with those differences in pitching staffs, how are the teams' respective offenses going to fare? You might expect the Royals, who aren't great at hitting breaking balls and are facing a staff that throws a lot of them, to do worse than the Giants, who are good at hitting fastballs and will be seeing many fastballs. But as soon as you expect that, baseball will break your kneecaps. Don't let baseball break your kneecaps, people. Stay humble.


Arizona Fall League Update 10/20
You know what everyone really cares about right now? Giants prospects in the AFL! Tyler Rogers and Steven Okert are the standouts so far, both being relievers who have been dominant in very limited playing time. Meanwhile, Daniel Carbonell, who some wanted called up to the majors this year because if they've heard of a guy he must be ready for the big leagues, hasn't been impressive in 25 ABs, with a .200 average, one homer, and seven strikeouts. It's pretty surprising that a guy universally described as a "project" isn't dominating the AFL. I blame ACORN.


For Barry Bonds, a Decade of Inflated Blame for the Steroid Era
This is a fun article for several reasons. Reason 1 is that it calls Bud Selig a hypocrite and a dick who screwed over the people of Milwaukee. Reason 2 is that it provides context for Barry's steroid use in a way that many lazier articles don't. Reason 3 is this, discussing Barry being an instructor in spring training this year:

Selig talked angrily by phone with Giants officials, according to people in Major League Baseball.

I hope Giants executives giggled into the receiver.

Me too!