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The Giants plan on using the same roster for the World Series

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This. This is when Tim Lincecum throws six innings in extras and becomes a hero.

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There isn't a lot of spit-take news coming out of the pre-World Series media sessions. Someone asked Sergio Romo what country he was from. Ned Yost revealed that he got Vida Blue's autograph on a dollar bill once and then spent it that afternoon. Stuff like that. During Bruce Bochy's press conference, though, there was actual news:

That roster, again:

Pitchers (12)
Jeremy Affeldt
Madison Bumgarner
Santiago Casilla
Tim Hudson
Tim Lincecum
Javier Lopez
Jean Machi
Jake Peavy
Yusmeiro Petit
Sergio Romo
Hunter Strickland
Ryan Vogelsong

Catchers (2)
Buster Posey
Andrew Susac

Infielders (6)
Joaquin Arias
Brandon Belt
Brandon Crawford
Matt Duffy
Joe Panik
Pablo Sandoval

Outfielders (5)
Gregor Blanco
Travis Ishikawa
Michael Morse
Hunter Pence
Juan Perez

The only question was if the Giants realized after a best-of-seven series that Tim Lincecum was basically superfluous. They did not. Even though Lincecum didn't pitch or come close to pitching, and even though the Giants played a game in which they used every position player before extra innings (Game 3), they're still sold on Lincecum helping them.

Fine. If you're going to troll the world ... I mean, I don't mind repeating myself, here. Lincecum will be the star of the 14-inning game that happens a day after Yusmeiro Petit throws five innings. The scuttlebutt is that he threw a good bullpen, so I'll bite. I'm in. Prove me wrong. Show up throwing 93 with movement and devastating offspeed stuff, Mr. Lincecum. Shame the other team. Shame them.

I would have gone with Gary Brown, but I'm someone who doesn't have a single ring to count. Here's hoping the Giants didn't screw this up.