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San Francisco Giants Link Dump, 10/20

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I link an Antichrist, I dump an anarchist

Buster Goes America All Over Everyone's Ass
Buster Goes America All Over Everyone's Ass
Harry How

So when is there more baseball? I hope it's not never.

Is Buster Posey the next Derek Jeter?
This is just one of many articles on Giants players in both national and local media outlets. Pavs wrote about Hunter Pence, Carl Steward wrote about Brandon Crawford, noted heartthrob Jeff Sullivan wrote about Madison Bumgarner, The Sporting News wrote about Tim Lincecum, Tim Hudson, and Matt Cain, ESPN had an article about Bruce Bochy, and there were many, many more. I find this strange, since, if I remember this summer right, the Giants are the worst team that ever existed, an affront to every baseball-aware person in the country, and an abomination in the eyes of gods and men. Funny that around World Series time, people have started writing about them. I wonder why that is.


Steve Young predicted Giants-Royals World Series before Chiefs-Patriots MNF last month
Steve Young is a magnificent person whose predictive powers are so stunning that they've caused me to totally discard the premise of the joke in the last blurb. Before either of the wild card games had even been played last month, he predicted the two participants in this year's World Series. Did he do it because the Chiefs were playing that night, and he was pandering to both that crowd and to his San Francisco fans? No. NO. How dare you even suggest that? I will believe Steve Young is a psychic before I believe he is a panderer. It's just more plausible.


Fan who caught Ishikawa's homer enjoys his '15 minutes of fame'
Frank Burke, who caught that Travis Ishikawa game-winning homer you might vaguely remember, gave it back to the team for a signed bat, asked for World Series tickets, and was denied. Did he play the "My friend has cancer" card? No, he just said okay and walked away, happy for the experience. Maybe there's a lesson in there about quiet dignity and virtue being its own reward. Or maybe not, since the team came back the next day and gave him World Series tickets. I'm glad they did that. I wouldn't want to ever commit a selfless act without expecting a material reward for it. I mean, this is America.


Think the Kansas City Royals Are Named for Kings? That’s a Bunch of Bull
Did you know that the Royals are named for a livestock show instead of actual royalty? You might be charmed by this fact, but consider this tragic missed opportunity:

Among logos considered was of a cow bellowing "Kansas City Royals" instead of "moo."

How could they reject that? How could the people of Kansas City be such monsters to deny the world this treasure? The Giants should – nay, must – avenge this wrong.


Katie Nolan Tries To Chug Six Beers Better Than Madison Bumgarner
This video was recorded before Bumgarner did his post-NLCS six-beer-chug, and it seems to raise some important issues, but it ignores one key point: Most of Bumgarner's beer was Budweiser. There's nothing wrong with not drinking Budweiser. There's nothing wrong with that at all.