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San Francisco Giants Link Dump, 10/2

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That's why I link this town

Justin K. Aller

Before the game, I was stressing a bit about this link dump. Like, what if they lost? What would I say? What kind of bad joke would I tweet out from Grant's account that I could then claim I didn't write? In conclusion, I'm glad the Giants won.

Why it's so hard to take your eyes off the Giants' Hunter Pence
I loved Hunter Pence's catch in the 8th inning last night. The way he stuck out his glove was so casual, almost indifferent, like he was dismissing a complaint after his employee left the room.

"Oh, we've scored too many runs? We'll look into that."
/waves hand dismissively
"Let's score another 4, just to screw with 'em.".


Belt never gave up on October, and he's taking advantage of his chance
Before the season started, I figured these link dumps would basically become a repository of Brandon Belt #content. But then, of course, he went down, first to a vicious attack from an LA gang known for making all its members dress alike and brandish wooden weapons that could literally beat a man to death, and later at the hands of a trusted friend whose unexpected betrayal changed everything. So clearly, I need to make up for lost time here. I know this site is full of people who rarely think about Brandon Belt. I hope you can indulge me.


What was this lady doing in the Giants dugout?
"It says Row 31, but this seems to be Row 14. Maybe several rows down is Row 31. No, dang it, this is Row C? What happened to the numbers? Maybe if I go down a little farther, to the bottom, they'll start doing numbers again and it'll be my row . . . oh no, this is row AA. Well, shucks, I've tried looking at the row I'm in, I've tried going down, and now I'm out of ideas. Unless . . . is that one last row? I'm not dressed like them, but I'll just go down there and see what happens. Either I sit here or someone takes me back to my seat. Win/win!"


Baseball Will Test Out Six New Rules To Speed Up The Game
This is a good list of ideas,and I'm glad baseball is trying them out in the AFL. That said, obviously they're flawed. It's hard to see the number of catcher visits to the mound being regulated, for example, because that's one of the best ways to kill time while an umpire recovers from being hit in the beans, and umpires would never enforce a rule that curtails beans-recovery time. But the possibility of time limits being enforced during an at bat is beautiful. Finally, I won't be annoyed by Juan Gutierrez being a slow pitcher. I'll just be annoyed by him being a bad one.


Derek Jeter holds Twitter chat, reveals that he's afraid of cats
Oh, does Brandon Crawford now have more postseason grand slams than Derek Jeter? And Brandon Crawford's NOT afraid of cats? CONNECT THE DOTS, SHEEPLE.