A heretical thought...

I'm well aware that what I'm about to suggest has something like a minus 43 percent chance of happening. But here me out, and explain to me why I'm a moron.

I think Jake Peavy should start game 1. Or, to be more accurate, I think Madison Bumgarner shouldn't. MadBum is over 240 innings and simply hasn't had a break throughout the playoffs. Starting him in games 2 and 6 means that he gets 5 days of rest before each of his next 2 starts instead of 4. The idea of pitching him in games 1,4,7 is destructive and won't happen anyway. If you believe in the home/road thing that's been endlessly hyped (I don't), it ensures that both starts occur in KC. The best argument against my plan is the danger that we lose in 5 and only have Bumgarner start once. But I submit that in a 4-1 series loss it makes no difference you pitched and in which order.

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