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Another collection of important videos related to the Giants winning the pennant

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From the professional to the amateur, you should probably watch all of these.

Christian Petersen

There will be time to worry about the Royals and their speed. There will be time to fret over James Shields and the electric arm of Yordano Ventura. There will be time to convince ourselves that we aren't bad people rooting for the Yankees over the Cubs.

Until then, today is a happy fun day. Here are happy fun videos related to the Giants winning the pennant:

The Shot Heard 'Round The Cove

This shouldn't work as well as it does.


I mean, the former is the best radio call in the history of sports.

/watches again

The latter was one of the greatest moments in franchise history, but Bobby Thomson's homer came when baseball was the national sport, when there weren't 6,000,000,000 different channels of entertainment options presented in 6,000,000,000,000 different formats. This was a piece of Americana that baseball might not replicate.

/watches several thousand more times

/is now 80 years old


As long as they keep putting the videos up, they'll have a home here.

Finnerty's is a bar in New York City, and I can tell you from experience that nothing makes sports seem more important than living far away from home. I don't start Waiting for Boof if I'm living in the Bay Area instead of Oregon -- I'm too busy using my season tickets and talking with friends in person about the Giants. I would have used all my Rick Wilkins jokes up. Long-distance relationships with your team are special in their own way.

I love how the video is of the whole inning. It builds and builds and builds ...

Time-lapse magic

Like sands through the hourglass ...

In the crowd

I'm a sucker for these:

Oh, brother, how I wish I were there. I've been blessed with a lot of great sporting events in my life, but that would have been the one. That would have been the one. Look at those happy people.

I think that one was shot on a Dreamcast controller, but IT'S STILL THE BEST VIDEO IN THE HISTORY OF MOVING PICTURES. Tied, at least.

Why film it if you're going to jump around and make it like a Cloverdale outtake? BECAUSE IT'S THE BEST. THE ABSOLUTE BEST, NO MATTER WHAT YOU DO. I'll watch one of these videos if the phone's kept in a shirt pocket because I'll want to study the audio.

I want every angle. I want 43,000 of these, including the ones from the people in the bathroom.

Oh, no, you know there were people in the bathroom.

Only time to get some privacy, imo.

Good point.

Apologies for continuing to spam you with video, except this is how I'm spending my morning. Figured you'd want to see these things, too.

Here's something I wrote in 2008:

So I’m looking forward to Travis Ishikawa being a part of the Giants’ plans next season, and that’s something I would never have dreamed of writing just 100 days ago.

How about, oh, I don't know, him winning the pennant for the Giants seven seasons later, after stops in New York, Baltimore, and Pittsburgh? That seems hard to believe, too.