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San Francisco Giants Link Dump, 10/16

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Play it, Sam. Play "As Time Dumps Links"

He seems happy
He seems happy
Harry How

I felt this was important:


Giants rally as bullpen stifles Cards
David Schoenfield goes over Game 4 for ESPN, and gives a lot of his focus to bullpens. The Giants bullpen went six scoreless innings, while the Cardinals' failed like Harold Reynolds broadcasting a baseball game. But other than his determination to waste a roster spot on Michael Wacha (As if just anyone can grab their share of Tim Lincecum Style Points!) I don't really blame Matheny. He had to get a lot of innings out of a bullpen that doesn't have that many good innings in it. He made several wrong moves, but that's because there were no right moves to make. It must be rough, having a team where half the bullpen is so unreliable. It must be rough.

/conspicuously doesn't look at half of the current Giants bullpen


Two Game Threes: Giants Win Classic Over Cardinals, Royals Outplay Orioles
And now that we've discussed Game 4, let's go over Game 3. A lot of balls got hit very hard in Game 3, two of which left the yard, and two of which would have if the game wasn't being played next door to an impolite hurricane. What'd they have in common? The pitches were all location mistakes. Take a look here at where the balls went, where they should have gone, and then maybe start hating the Cardinals a little more because of wild speculation that they intentionally hit Pablo Sandoval. Rooting for sports is fun!


In honor of Jarrod Dyson's 'Zoom' haircut, here are seven other hair messages we'd like to see
Hunter Pence wouldn't have to make any effort to display a message. Pence could just will it into being. As he controls each individual hair on his head, Pence wouldn't need a headband to tell people he's awkward; instead, he could part his follicles like the Red Sea until they had the proper appearance. But even the idea is flawed. Hunter Pence is extremely graceful, but in his own way, past human understanding. We're like 14-year-olds drinking our parents' bourbon. We like the results, but we don't fully appreciate the journey. We're not ready yet.


Bill Simmons’s Return Sets Intrigue in Motion at ESPN
We all remember when Bill Simmons was suspended by ESPN by calling noted liar Roger Goodell a liar (Suspend me for that, SB Nation! I dare you!), and now his suspension is over. What's next for Simmons? Will it involve some combination of Boston sports, self-righteousness, and bizarre, meandering stories? We can only hope.