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Video: The Giants won Game 3, and here's how it looks with "technology"

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I like the technology. I like the walk-off win! Boy, this video has everything.

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

There is a lot to like about this video:

Let us count the ways.

1. The walk-off win
It is, perhaps, my favorite part. This is the subtle, underappreciated magic of the video, where the sad Cardinals walk off the field and the happy Giants storm it.

2. The lasers
They tell us Gregor Blanco's top speed (20.2 miles per hour!), what Brandon Crawford's lead was (12 feet), and it gave a really good view of where Tim Flannery was (16 feet outside of the coach's box). I find this stuff fascinating, even if I don't really know what 20.2 mph really means. Sounds fast. I can probably run, I don't know, 19, tops.

3. Tim Flannery
Shouldn't Flannery -- this is going to sound crazy -- stay in the coach's box? Maybe? To the rule book!

TL;DR version: If the other manager complains, the coach has to stay in the box. So, basically, if Billy Martin or Bruce Bochy were managing the other team, they could really screw with Flannery and the Giants. This would be amusing.

4. Flock of Giants
As valued Internet user Nivra points out, the Giants all streaked toward first base before realizing that they were supposed to meet Blanco closer to second base, which made them look like a flock of wild birds acting in unison. This is something for some sort of ologist to study. Not sure which one.

5. Buster Posey gonna kill someone
He never lets go of the bat. His reaction is enthusiastic and wonderful, and then he congratulates Brandon Crawford with a tap o' the bat. Then he takes the bat out to second base, where he presumably whomps on Blanco (in good fun!).

6. We have answers
Phew. Finally. It's bugged me for months. Is Jean Machi the fastest player on the team?



7. A.J. Pierzynski


Almost feel bad. For me. Because I can't tape this to the inside of my eyelids and see it when i fall asleep every night.

There you have it, a video all gussied up with lasers and technology. It's beautiful. So beautiful.