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San Francisco Giants Link Dump, 10/14

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I am shocked – SHOCKED – to find that link dumping is going on in here

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This isn't getting its own link, mostly because I don't feel like it, but the 30 For 30 documentary on the 1989 earthquake airs tonight on ESPN at 7. Check it out! Or don't! I don't want to tell you how to spend your evening.

Molina says his season is 'not over'
Yadier Molina strained his oblique Sunday night, leading many to ask if his season was over and many more to respond with "Of course it's over. What are you, stupid?" But he may, in fact, be able to play. Molina is confident that his season isn't over, and will even try to start tomorrow, which seems iffy. Now, not to decry unrealistic positive thinking, which has brought us such cultural touchstones as the Jim Carrey movie Yes Man, but this is all based on one game of catch, so maybe skepticism is warranted here, even when we're dealing with Greatest Person In History Yadier Molina.


Trevor Rosenthal and the Catchers: A Mostly Pointless Exercise
Of course, if Molina can't play, then we'll be stuck with one of the two Cardinals backup catchers, beloved Giants legend AJ Pierzynski or professional Yadier Molina backup Tony Cruz. Cruz was in the game Sunday, of course, and here Jeff Sullivan takes a look at how Molina's absence in the ninth inning hurt the Cards. It turns out Cruz is worse at defense than Molina is, which is weird. You'd think someone would've mentioned Yadier being so good at some point, but I haven't heard a thing about that.


The FOX Sports 1 Sabermetrics Broadcast Reviewed
Game 1 of the NLCS aired on Fox accompanied by the dulcet tones of Joe Buck and Harold Reynolds, but they also simulcast it on Fox Sports 1 as a more sabermetric broadcast. The biggest criticism, shared by Baseball Prospectus, is that the split-screen and muted game audio take the viewer out of the game. If Fox Sports continues to refine this format, they'll presumably address that issue by adding a CGI dancing robot and putting Terry Bradshaw and Seth MacFarlane on the panel, and we all look forward to that.


The Strike Zone Expansion is Out of Control
Over the last few years, the strike zone has gotten slightly thinner, and much, much bigger at the bottom. And all that new junk in the trunk has led to a lower run scoring environment. So the next time you think about 2-1 games or pitcher's duels or the Padres – okay, bad example, no one ever thinks about the Padres – you can thank the low strike zone.


John Rocker: 'I Was Miserable' On Survivor
John Rocker was on Survivor, and then he got voted off basically for being John Rocker. That seems like a good reason.