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San Francisco Giants Link Dump, 10/10

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I've been to Hollywood, I've been to Redwood, I've been a dumper for a link of gold

Ezra Shaw

I don't know what exactly this is, but it's really cool.

Is Bruce Bochy One of the Best Managers in Baseball History? (Yes. Here’s Why.)
Bruce Bochy is by far the best Giants manager of my lifetime, easily the best currently in the NL West, and possibly the best in baseball. If you think Joe Maddon is better, let me assure you that you would complain about Joe Maddon too. You would also complain about Buck Showalter, and Terry Francona would do something inexplicable at least once a week, and bullpen decisions would sometimes infuriatingly backfire on Bob Melvin. It happens to everyone and it always will, and Bruce Bochy is great.


Ned Colletti could lose his job after Dodgers' quick exit from playoffs
PLASCHKE WARNING. Don't say I didn't tell you.

Agent Ned has done a lot of fine, fine work in LA, constructing a team of superstars just good enough to be disappointing every year. The kind of undercover work he's engaged in is tricky; obviously, you don't want your team to actually win the World Series, but if you construct a bad roster every year you'll get fired and the owners might bring in someone who could be successful. Ned has done a heck of a job walking that tightrope, and we should all hope he gets to continue, because the idea of Andrew Friedman with a budget for the Dodgers is clown-with-a-chainsaw terrifying.


"Bonds on Bonds" Revisited
You know, I'd totally forgotten about Barry's short-lived reality show, so I'm glad that Cespedes Family Barbecue is so dedicated to his memory. They managed to find an old episode of "Bonds on Bonds", and went through it, pulling out the best quotes . They didn't include my favorite, though, which is "I'm Barry Goddamn Bonds and I'm better than everyone at everything and sometimes I almost can't believe how awesome I am except I can because I'm also better than everyone at believing in my awesomeness." That was a good, totally real, quote.


The League Championship Series umpires are announced


It's actually pretty difficult to choose postseason umpires in a way that excludes all the bad ones. Umpires aren't allowed to work two consecutive rounds in the playoffs, so you need four crews of six umpires in the Division Series round, and two more crews in the LCSes, which totals thirty-six umpires. And that's how you end up with Phil Cuzzi and Joe West on a national stage, working in the playoffs, representing the best of baseball, and determining who goes to the World Series. It's nice to see MLB taking such good care of its product.


The best of Bad St. Louis Cardinals Writing
This is pure art, and it should be taught in colleges as the pinnacle of human expression.