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A rosterbation interlude, featuring Jerry Sands

Jayne Kamin-Oncea-US PRESSWIRE

This will be brief because I'm sure this is testing your patience. You've put up with opinions about Eric Surkamp and Juan Perez. But they were Giants already. This is totally out of left field, and it's not going to happen.

"Totally out of left field" is a pun! And I think this should happen. The Rays designated Jerry Sands for assignment on Tuesday. He's the Brett Pill replacement you never knew you needed.

Sands was awful last year. That's why he's bouncing around. He was 25, and he didn't hit well in the International League. He had an injury concern, but it was a hamstring problem, so you can't even blame a nebulous wrist injury or something. But looking past down seasons is how teams "buy low." Weird concept, I know.

2008 20 Dodgers Rk 185 10 29 43 .205 .346 .438 .784
2009 21 2 Teams Rk-A 308 19 37 60 .315 .401 .618 1.019
2010 22 2 Teams AA-A 590 35 73 123 .301 .395 .586 .981
2011 23 Albuquerque AAA 418 29 38 86 .278 .344 .586 .931
2012 24 Albuquerque AAA 522 26 59 106 .296 .375 .524 .900
2013 25 2 Teams AAA-Rk 410 9 52 109 .212 .315 .347 .663

If you want free power, you're not going to get the good stuff. That's why it's free. But there's a chance, just a chance, that Sands's right-handed power would be exactly what the Giants thought they were going to get from the dearly departed Brett Pill.

Two years ago, Sands was a prospect. He was supposed to be the Dodgers' answer to Brandon Belt. Then he was shipped to the Red Sox in the Adrian Gonzalez deal. Then he was shipped to the Pirates in the Joel Hanrahan deal. Then he was claimed off waivers by the Rays. Then he was designated by the Rays.

Now he's here, which is nowhere. The Giants could get him. And they have the roster spot, considering they had to ditch Eric Surkamp because Pill's deal with the KIA Tigers was delayed. They could use the spot on another reliever. Or they could use it on Sands.

I'd probably prefer Juan Perez on the roster over Sands. But you know the roster isn't going to be static. There will be changes. And having Sands as a right-handed 1B/OF in Fresno would be depth the Giants could use.

The difference between Pill and Sands is like what people used to Krokus think after hearing AC/DC for the first time. Alright, it's the difference between people used to Slaughter hearing L.A. Guns for the first time. Still, it's worth the Giants' time to take a look, I'd wager. After an offseason of lusting over Scott Van Slyke for no particular reason, Sands sounds like a reasonable option to me.

(He kind of makes more sense than Michael Morse, you know.)

(Just sayin' ...)

(Would have traded Surkamp for him in the first place, too.)

(Jerry Sands!)