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Barry Zito sings: an offseason post

Call it low-hanging fruit. Call it unnecessary. But I spent an hour listening to it, and dang it, you should too.

This is a podcast with Barry Zito. It's almost an hour-and-a-half, which is a hefty podcast. Zito talks about his charity work and his love of music. He also gets into some baseball stuff. It's a pretty solid interview. Nothing groundbreaking, but everyone was pleasant and professional all around.

That might qualify it for a link dump. After all, Zito is most certainly an ex-Giant, and while we had our laugh-cry-Cats moments with him over the years, he's not exactly on our mind these days.

Except the person with the podcast is Pat Monahan, who is the lead singer of Train. Which is a fine band.


I mean, you know. It's a band. I went to high school with the guy who plays trumpet for them! They seem like nice young men. They've just become way too easy of a punchline. They're like Nickelback. You can't get giggles just by saying "Nickelback" anymore. It's overplayed as a go-to band you don't want to listen to.

So Zito and Train together are ... I don't know. It should be funnier. But we had our fun with Zito, and he won a danged World Series to shut us up. We enjoy making fun of Train, and they have platinum albums coated with emeralds to shut us up. It's a good combination to giggle at, as long as you know they're laughing harder at us.

The reason the video gets posted, though, is that Zito sings. He sings and sings, and there's an original song for you all. Remember when that last one was leaked? It was the Wayne Franklin of songs, just completely depressing. It made you appreciate the Barry Zito of songs. Which I guess is Train.

I'm so confused.

But this one's pleasant! It starts at 34:30 if you're curious. It's not my cup o' joe, but it's not something that makes you recoil in absolute horror. It's a guy and a guitar, and it's not bad. I'll bet it's even quite good if you're into the genre.

Just forget that the Diamondbacks' new acquisition plays Doomriders and Pelican covers, and you won't feel so bad.

It's the offseason and I'm sorry and you probably won't listen to this but I needed something to house hamburger-related comments. Here's Barry Zito singing on the guy from Train's podcast. You've been looking all over for this.