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ESPN, Keith Law rank Giants' farm system 25th

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Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

The months before pitchers and catchers report is a month for prospect rankings. That's good news for people who follow teams with good farm systems. It's ... a mixed blessing for fans of teams in the bottom third of the list. And, say, look where the Giants are in ESPN and Keith Law's new organizational rankings ...

25. San Francisco Giants

Aw, dangit. A snippet from the Insider-only blurb:

They are in position to use (their) pitching depth to make a midseason acquisition if they need to this year, which wasn't true of their system going into 2013.

Part of me is excited the Giants have enough pitching depth to make a midseason trade!

Part of me gets twitchy and gnashy thinking about the Giants working so hard to develop a boffo group of pitching prospects, only to trade them all for Raul Ibanez or something.

Part of me thinks that if the Giants are that close to contention on July 31, I shouldn't be so damned picky.

Part of me wants the Giants to rule the world with Bumgarner, Cain, and three #3s all reaching their ceiling, and it's a dream you can't take away from me. Though I guess if I'm dreaming, I should dream about Tim Lincecum finding five m.p.h. under the couch.

Law ranked the Giants 20th in 2010, 23rd in 2011, 26th in 2012, 26th in 2013. So in one sense, this is progress.They've improved on their last two years! Bully for them. In another sense, well, let's hope for a better year from the farm. And even though the offseason was boring again, at least they held onto their draft pick.

Jacoby Ellsbury was there when the Marlins picked with the pick they got for Armando Benitez, you know. Things could have been worse. I, for one, will patiently wait for Ty Blach to save us all.