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Giants get two prospects on's top-100 list

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Guess the first one and ... oh, you did.

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

You know what? I'm tired of people goofin' on the Giants' farm system. I like a bunch of the young arms in the low-minors last year. Even better, I don't follow other farm systems, so I don't even have to compare the Giants' system to anything else. It's a system with interesting, legitimate prospects as far as the eye can see, and next year, they're going to own lists like this.

Until then, the Giants don't have a lot of top prospects, and it's a little depressing. But at least two of their prospects made's top-100 list, with Kyle Crick coming in at #32 and Edwin Escobar at #95.

Of course, the last time the Giants had five top-100 prospects according to Baseball America, most of them were flops. And that's even accounting for Royce Clayton as a hit.

Crick you expected, but Escobar is a minor surprise. The lefty also got a mention on the Best Tools list for his control. Chris Haft wrote up the rankings on, and that included this snippet:

Escobar, 21, isn't a soft-tossing lefty. His fastball has reached 94 mph on occasion.

Here's the thing I don't get about pitching prospects like Escobar (or Adalberto Mejia or Ty Blach or ...), who get slapped with a potential-#3-starter label: A left-hander who sits in the low 90s and touches 94 m.p.h. with impeccable command sounds awesome. That's a thumbnail sketch of Cliff Lee.

Basically, Edwin Escobar is Cliff Lee.

Don't look to see how many Dodgers made the list -- DON'T LOOK -- and enjoy thoughts of Crick and Escobar in future rotations. They'll slot right behind Bronson Arroyo after the Giants sign him in two years.