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Giants acquire David Huff from Yankees

For sweet, sweet cash.

Jason Miller

The Giants did not get Masahiro Tanaka. They were never really interested. But there is a consolation prize: They got the guy designated for assignment to make room for Masahiro Tanaka! From the official press release:

The San Francisco Giants have acquired left-handed pitcher David Huff from the New York Yankees in exchange for cash considerations

This comes on the same day that old friend Jose Mijares signed with the Red Sox. Huff would appear to be a Mijares replacement, or at least give the Giants some left-handed depth in Fresno.

So if he's a Mijares replacement, does that mean he has ridiculously lopsided platoon splits that Bruce Bochy will ignore? Yes and no.

vs. right-handers 983 1.97 .280 .325 .471 .797
vs. left-handers 452 1.51 .311 .381 .519 .900

Huh. So instead of yelling at Bochy for sending Mijares in to face righties, we'll yell at him for sending Huff in to face lefties? I guess there are fewer lefties than righties out there. Progress!

He's a fastball/change pitcher, and he sits in the upper-80s/low-90s. To be fair, those splits up there are for his career, including his time as a starter. Since then, he's been moved to the bullpen, where his strikeout-walk ratio has improved, and his splits against lefties have ... gotten even worse?

Huh. But, as a low-cost raffle ticket, this is the kind of pitcher you get, and Huff is something of a known quantity. Maybe he'll learn a slider or something and become a weaponized LOOGY after all. He's 29. Javier Lopez's career ERA was 5.06 in 172 innings when he was 29. Maybe, just maybe ...

Probably not. But he's between Wayne Franklin and Scott Eyre on the hope spectrum, and if all the Giants had to give up was cash considerations? Sounds good to me. His tweets are protected, too! Maybe he's really interesting and provocative. Like a Brian Wilson you don't want to shave with your mind, but interesting.

Welcome, other Huff. Here's your thong, and here's your mitt for when you play second base. Welcome.