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Pablo Sandoval dropped '42 pounds' during the offseason

Then he picked the brontosaurus ribs up and foot-pedaled away.

Funny, I didn't care about his weight as much back then ...
Funny, I didn't care about his weight as much back then ...
Ezra Shaw

The progression: I was tired of the #fatchat with Pablo Sandoval, but then he kept breaking bones. Then I was quietly interested. That stupid, misleading graphic about Sandoval's weight and OBP (that I mercifully can't find) was secretly captivating.

I ... I ... I guess I actually do care about Pablo Sandoval's weight.

I'm not the first person to admit that Sandoval's physical appearance just might be important, but at least I can be the last. The physical fitness of a professional athlete just might affect how said athlete does his job. It's weird, I know.

The good news: It looks like Sandoval has already lost a lot of weight. From Rafael Rojas, a reporter in Venezuela:

The only way this could be bad news is if it means Sandoval is so good this year, he prices himself out of the Giants' plans. Which would mean the bad news is cut with a year of supremely awesome news. I can deal with that, at least while it's going on.

There's still more than a month before players start to arrive in Scottsdale, but so far, so good for Sandoval. The scuttlebutt at the beginning of the offseason was the Giants were a little disappointed Sandoval didn't hang back in Arizona for his conditioning. The reason Sandoval gave for going to Venezuela, and it was a good one, was that he wanted to prove he could lose the weight without being under the watchful eyes of his employers. That would prove to interested teams this offseason that willpower was less of an issue now, and that he was a newer, more mature Panda.

It was a gamble, and it looks like a smart one from here. Here's hoping for a svelte ursine for the 2014 season. If not for more runs and/or dingers, just for the dude's well-being.

We can start freaking out about him signing with the Dodgers around ... August, or so.