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San Francisco Giants link dump, 9/7

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Thearon W. Henderson

This is a small link dump this weekend in honor of Yusmeiro Petit. It's a petit link dump. Get it? Cool.

Thoughts on Yusmeiro Petit - Minor League Ball
What's better than an eight-year-old discussion about Yusmeiro Petit, the prospect? An eight-year-old discussion in the comments asking if the Mets would dare trade him to the A's for Barry Zito. Oh, what a strange world we live in.


Perfection eludes Yusmeiro Petit, but still a 'beautiful' night | CSN Bay Area
Andrew Baggarly nails this article on Petit's night. Don't forget about the auto-play video, though. I usually do when I'm in a library or coffee shop.


Browsing the sports section of SkyMall -
From occasional contributor Bill Hanstock, a horrifying look into the sports of SkyMall. If you have a mancave, there might be something here for you. Also, if you have a mancave, make sure you stay down there as much as possible. Don't come up unless you really need something.


AFL Prospects: Braves, Giants, Mets, Pirates, Yankees | FanGraphs Baseball
Some notes on Kyle Crick and Adalberto Mejia, who will be plying their trade with the Scottsdale Scorpions in a month.


Freeman has emerged as legit MVP candidate | Atlanta Braves Blog / David O'Brien

On the Braves' last road trip, a national baseball writer and a St. Louis writer both mentioned to me that Freddie Freeman would probably be in their top five for National League MVP, and both said it with a tone of surprise.

This is included because Brandon Belt and Freeman are having similar seasons. When you adjust for park, they're eerily identical. One is a "legit MVP candidate" and the other guy still makes talk-radio callers upset. Oh, what a strange world we live in.


Joe Blogs: Stat of the Day: RE24
I didn't really know what RE24 was. Now I do! Thanks, Joe Posnanski! And now that he's explained it, I really dig it. I'll use more of it.


The last pitcher to steal a base for your team - Baseball Nation
Do you remember the last Giants pitcher to steal I base? I didn't . I probably would have needed 60 guesses.