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Giants designate Dan Runzler, Kensuke Tanaka for assignment

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Ezra Shaw

The Giants added Johnny Monell and Heath Hembree to the 40-man roster, which meant that two spots needed to open up. The roster casualties were Dan Runzler and Kensuke Tanaka, who were both designated for assignment on Tuesday.

Tanaka was something of a surprise, considering he was in the majors earlier this year and had a solid season in Triple-A. But he was unlikely to be back next year, which means that pragmatism got the nod over sentiment.

Runzler was less of a surprise, as the left-hander had his second straight walk-filled season in Triple-A, and he's 28 -- a lot closer to Matt Cain's age than a prospect's. Runzler's strikeout percentage (20 percent) also plummeted this year, down from 25 percent in Fresno in 2012.

The Giants hinshawed him to the 40-man roster, hoping his command and control would come around. Alas, it never did. Still, I'd be mildly shocked if he cleared waivers. That would mean the scouting reports are as ugly as the numbers these days.

But he used to look like this:

He could still make his way back to the organization. But if he doesn't, best of luck to Dan Runzler. He was pretty exciting for a while. And he has two more World Series rings than Barry Bonds!