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Giants trap Hunter Pence for the next five years.

5 years, $90 million dollars, pending a physical.

Behold: our alien overlord.
Behold: our alien overlord.
Thearon W. Henderson

Grant's on assignment, so I'm going to break the news by pasting the news after it had been broken:

I know, I know, I know. That's a lot of money. I know, I know, I know, we just went through this with Aaron Pasquat Rowand (for what it's worth, here's the wOBA comparison between Rowand and Pence). I know, I know, I know, there's a better than decent chance that this takes the Giants out of competition for the other top-tier free agents, but...

We already knew that was going to happen. No way the Giants bid against anyone but themselves going forward. That appears to be company policy. Other teams would have a shot at Choo or Cano or whomever and that automatically didn't sit well with the powers that be. They have exclusive negotiating rights with Pence right now, so why not avail themselves of that and make a deal where they don't feel like they're looking over their shoulders?

Seems to me that's what the plan is. Any other bidding will be for mid-tier at best pieces.

But enough with the analysis. Grant will be able to handle that part with aplomb following the official announcement tomorrow.

Right now, let us enjoy the news. Hunter Pence has been a great addition to the Giants. He has played in every game this year. Every game in the Giants' 2013 season! And he still wanted to come back! The Giants could've lost him to Hollywood, they could've lost him to kale, they could've lost him to a small business, to his home planet, but they didn't. I can't say that's a bad thing. Hunter Pence has enriched our lives -- OUR LIVES.


Nope. Not bad. So, chomp on some kale and watch The Last Starfighter to welcome back Hunter Pence.