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Hunter Pence wants to mold your children in his image

I hope you never experience the horrors of being away from your computer and receiving eight messages on your phone that read, "You have to check out this Hunter Pence video!" It was like a dream where you couldn't run fast enough to catch up with something. I just had to guess what it was.

Oh, it's glorious.

Pence gives his best Tom Emanski in this video, and I won't spoil it more than that. But it works. And I'm going to make one of those shirts myself if no one makes it for me.

Hunter Pence is a treasure, as you can tell from his career 120.4 RE/24. But it's a video like that makes me think that he has a great sense of humor. So much so, that I suspect if he's read half the things I've written about him, that he'd merely ignore me instead of punch me in the neck.