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Giants lose to Yankees because the Yankees are way, way, way, way, better

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Giants' debris field of a roster incinerated by Ivan Nova. Meanwhile, we all come to realize that we've wasted a year of our lives watching these bozos.

You don't have to sniff for it, Ry-Ry, it's all around you.
You don't have to sniff for it, Ry-Ry, it's all around you.
Maddie Meyer

The Giants suck.

We've known that for about three and a half months now. They're uniformly terrible, too: offense, pitching, defense, managing. "Bad luck", "sample sizes", and "blind devotion" are as logical explanations for this failure of a season as "they're tired" and "they're not talented". This series was over as soon as they arrived in the Bronx.

Buster Posey has been playing with a fractured finger. Marco Scutaro played with a mallet finger. Guillermo Moscoso was traded for and used in actual games. The Giants have willingly run out an inferior product presumably because they lack any discernible depth, but also, I suspect, out of pride. World champions twice in three years is a source of pride and the Giants might feel that they owe it to themselves and their fans to keep running out that championship lineup, but when those names cannot compete adequately at a major league level, it's time to ask why? What is the virtue of playing an injured Posey or an injured Marco Scutaro? Because there are no better options? Well, then, I submit to you that this thinking only proves that the Giants suck, because their record and performance indicates as much.

This series against the Yankees is exactly how a World Series against them (48 years from now) will look, too. New York is just the superior city and organization. The Giants fluked their way into two world championships and this entire season has been a reminder of that. The Yankees, even when they're down, on their worst days, are still 100 times more talented than the lowly Giants will ever be. Maybe 1,000 times more.

Brendan Ryan >>> Brandon Crawford

(another note about this: In Brendan Ryan's 9 games as a Yankee heading into today: .648 OPS in 32 plate appearances; Brandon Crawford's previous 9 games before today's: .486 OPS in 35 plate appearances)

Chris Stewart > Buster Posey

(since September 8th: Stewart with a .611 OPS and .079 WPA; Posey with a .616 OPS and -.333 WPA)

Alex Rodriguez > Pablo Sandoval

Ivan Nova > Matt Cain

C.C. Sabathia > Madison Bumgarner

Lyle Overbay > Brandon Belt

Of course, the main reason why the Giants have been so completely terrible this season:

So, the Giants are terrible and there's no reason to believe that it will get better any time in the near future. If I had to guess:


Buster Posey, Matt Cain, Madison Bumgarner, Brandon Belt, Pablo Sandoval, Sergio Romo, Heath Hembree


The rest of 'em.

There's no hope, so enjoy those World Series' DVDs/Blu-rays and prepare for the winning drought to come.

* * *

Phew. Glad I could get that all out of my system.

Okay. That's the bad news.

The good news is that this worthless season is nearly over, and all it will take is another week of humiliation and domination by superior opposition.

They're one of the worst post-championship teams in 30 years, one of the worst teams in baseball at leaving runners on base, one of the worst Giants teams we've ever seen (mainly when you hang a hat of expectation on them), they're just the worst and they suck and they're awful. If nothing else, Bruce Bochy knows how to manage bad teams, so, at least the Giants have had a steady hand at the blimp this season.

Buster Posey's struggles are legitimate and are absolutely hobbling the Giants. ::shrug:: Oh well.

This series is how I imagine every series against the Yankees. The Giants will run into THE. YANKEES., get beheaded, and have their head paraded around for sport. This isn't a nightmare, it's a certainty in my mind, so, seeing this proven accurate only fortifies my typically grim outlook. Really, though, the Yankees are a vastly better team than the Giants are this season.

Ivan Nova pitched a stellar game today, his second shutout of the season. The Giants hitters looked predictably unable to do anything of consequence. Brendan Ryan reminded us why he can still find work in MLB (something a lot of Giants might struggle to do in the offseason), robbing the Giants of hits in spectacular fashion.

The inning that started the scoring involved walks and dinks and dunks. This is what happens to crafty righties, which is as generous of a label as I can place on Ryan Vogelsong now. He needs to get by on cunning and guile, because the stuff is definitely not there. I don't know what the Giants do about the rotation next year, but I suppose his option is for so little money (comparatively speaking) that he'll be back. But it's gonna be rough when he's on the mound. Eduardo Nunez hit his ninth career home run off of Vogelsong and it was anything but a "cheapie".

Tomorrow, the Giants finish getting swept by the retiring Andy Pettitte, in a game that I'm sure will feature a lot of strikeouts, a lot of standing ovations, cap-tipping, and humiliation of our favorite baseball squadron which, I feel compelled to remind you once again, sucks. An awful lot.