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Giants interested in Alexander Guerrero?

Probably not. But it's kind of interesting.

Koji Watanabe

This sorta came out of nowhere. We knew the Giants were interested in prodigious dinger-masher Jose Abreu, but Alexander Guerrero was supposed to be signed and delivered to the Dodgers already. It turns out there was a snag. Always a snag. From Jon Heyman:

Cuban infielder Alexander Guerrero again is a free agent after apparently coming close to signing a deal with the Dodgers, and it is believed that the Red Sox, Reds, Rangers and Giants are among other teams that may have some interest.

Why is this interesting? Because Guerrero plays second base, which is already filled with a mallet-fingered hero. So if the Giants get Guerrero, that means either he or Marco Scutaro is a third baseman, Pablo Sandoval is a first baseman, and Brandon Belt is a left fielder.

Which ... man, you'd better be sure that Guerrero is the second-coming of Jeff Kent. And I don't know if you could Serpentor together enough of greatest scouts in history to get someone who would make me confident enough in Guerrero to make roster moves that extreme.

So it seems unlikely, and ... wait a sec ... who's representing Guerrero?

Now Guerrero has switched agents and is being represented by Scott Boras, and all parties involved agree that Guerrero remains a free agent, able to sign with any of the 30 clubs.

And who wrote the article?

Jon Heyman
Baseball Insider


The word on the street is that a lot of Heyman's scoops relate to Boras clients. Almost as if they're coming directly from the Boras camp. And if the Boras camp wanted to drive the price up, mentioning a rich team looking for power as a competitor would be a way to do it.

That's not saying Heyman is being disingenuous. He's probably reporting what he's hearing. But it makes more sense for the Giants to be a fake bogeymen to other teams than it does for them to be actively interested in a second baseman/shortstop.

Fun to rosterbate on a Friday morning, though! Video: